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02 September 2008 @ 09:53 am
Writer's Block: The Expendable Sense(s)  
If you had to give up one of your five senses, which could you live without?

in order to answer this question, i will have to go through the five senses and see which ones i CANNOT live without to determine which one is expendable...

to hear - music is my life. without being able to hear things, i would go insane. so, definitely not this one.

to see - at first, i thought that this one would be the one i would give up, but i love photography and reading far too much. while i could learn to read braile, i could not go without photography. so, not this one either.

to touch - i'm on the fence about this one. while i'm not in a relationship right now, i do think that if i ever was in one, i would want to be able to feel while holding their hand, or kissing them. so, not this one.

to taste - i'm not really big on flavor, and if i gave up tasting it would mean much cheaper food for me. i could buy whatever was on sale, regardless of what it was, because i would just need nutrition, not the taste. but i do love me the in&out burger, so i don't know. probably not this one.

to smell - my nose is plugged up half the time anyway now because of my stupid allergies. to i think i might give this one up, but only if it didn't interfere with my tasting abilities.

...your thoughts?
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