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02 September 2008 @ 10:30 am
stuff from before...  
Things you are afraid of: failing. dolphins. losing a friend because of something i did. missing out on the plan God has for me. losing sight of who i really am, even if just for a second.

Things that make you laugh: playing taboo far too late at night. playing any game with the people of EPIC. inside jokes. big sunglasses. silly pictures. looking back at pictures of random times with friends. jumping rope. bandanas. jeffrey doyle’s insane sarcasm. walking in the rain with sarah ashley.

Things that make you cry: for sad reasons – death. coming to the conclusion that i didn’t do something to my full potential. getting hurt (both physically and emotionally). for good reasons – God. seeing Him work in young people. seeing something i have wanted for so long become a reality. realizing that at the end of the day, God still loves me: no more, no less.

Things you love: God. family. baby brothers. cousins. best friends. EPIC uth. worship. interning at the church. living with my family. long talks with savy driving around in my car. running through the sprinklers. late nights with friends. spontaneous worship with christian, chrisopher, and savy in my kitchen. texting. watching God work in young people. ice blocking. the Dodgers. USC football. TUHS home football games. fall. tattoos. taking pictures. road trips, especially ones to visit friends.

Things you hate: wearing real shoes. people backing out or flaking out. fake people. saying goodbye to people i am close to.

Things you don't understand: how people can listen to music and not respond in some way. how people can sit at church during worship or a sermon and not pay attention. why people come to church if that’s all they are going to do. calculus. greek, but not for long.

Things you're good at: leading. music. talking. having compassion for the lost. taking direction. learning from my mistakes. creating crafts. taking pictures. smiling. laughing.

Things you suck at: knowing when i am wrong. driving. being able to disconnect from a situation. handing over things when it becomes overbearing.

Right now you are: sitting at work. completely happy with where God has brought me. sad the summer is over. happy to be opening a new chapter with amazing new friends. glad God, and Brimhall, allows me to serve as a leader for EPIC.

Twelve facts about you:
1. i have had at least one x-ray on every part of my body.
2. i share a room with a rabbit. his name is Malt.
3. my baby brother is my best friend. and he is also over a foot taller than me.
4. i moved only once before turning 18. since, i have moved 5 more times.
5. without God, i have no reason to live.
6. i will be going to Zimbabwe next summer.
7. praying with christian matthew lucas changed my life at summer camp oh-eight.
8. i have one real brother, two step-sisters, three step-brothers, and two nephews, one niece.
9. i am closer to my paternal cousins then most people are to their siblings.
10. i could listen to any type of music. i love them all.
11. i am in my last year at cal state bakes.
12. ministry tour oh-eight was possibly the greatest trip of my life.
Current Location: work.
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: none.