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i live for music...

everything else is just gravy

6 November 1987
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Well, my name is Jamie. I love God more than I could ever tell you, but I will try and show you. I'm called to full-time ministry. I've thought different areas, alas they were all probably way off the mark. So now, rather than try to play 20 questions with God and try to guess the path, I'm going to be patient and just wait for him to show me. As of right now, I'm thinking its Youth Ministry, but who knows these days. I'm just trying to take my life in one day at a time and follow the path laid before me. I'll be finishing up my bachelor's degree in Communications soon, then what? No clue. Hopefully getting my master's by 2013 from Vanguard University in Leadership Studies. Somehow it will all fall into place...I hope.

In other news, I love the simple things in life. Running through sprinklers, picnics, drawing things in the sand at the beach, long talks that last all night. I really can't stand dolphins or people dressed up in costumes. As long as you don't fit into one of those categories, chances are we can be friends...